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DakotaLink is in part, a program of the South Dakota Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services administered by Black Hills Special Services Cooperative and funded in part through a grant from the United States Department of Health and Human Services through the Administration for Community Living under Public Law 108-364, referred to as the Assistive Technology Act of 2004 or the Assistive Technology Act of 1998, as amended.

About us

Welcome To DakotaLink

In 1995, DakotaLink began providing direct services to individuals with disabilities and the elderly. These services include individual assessments, equipment sales, installation and training of assistive technology. This one stop concept has helped DakotaLink evolve in to a statewide organization that has 6 certified rehabilitation technicians located in 4 regional offices.

Our offices are located in Rapid City, Aberdeen, Sioux Falls and Brookings. The office in Rapid City is a storefront environment where people can drop in at any time. Appointments do need to be made at the other facilities. DakotaLink provides direct services to 1000 individuals per year and does work with the State Departments of Vocational Rehabilitation which includes the Divisions of Rehabilitation Services and Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired.

We have worked with many School Districts throughout the state and have done many projects for the Veterans Administration. Private individuals and businesses utilize our services as well. DakotaLink has relationships with many manufacturers and distributors of Assistive Technology. Through those relationships, we are able to provide a wide variety of assistive devices and in many cases at competitive prices. We have a wide range of used devices for sale including Closed Circuit Televisions for people with low vision and have been operating the State Gadgetry Program, providing aides for daily living, for the last several years.

Amazing Staff
Regional Offices

Brett Burden

Coordinator of Technical Services

Brett has been with DakotaLink since March 2008. He is based out of the Rapid City office and is responsible for coordinating all technical services provided by DakotaLink across the state. Brett provides quotes for evaluations as well as equipment purchases and training. He also plays a key role in the development of our four geographically located Demonstration Centers. These facilities offer onsite assistance and some products that individuals can see or evaluate before purchasing. He has an AAS in Computer Networking, is a nationally certified RESNA Rehabilitation Technician and holds a CompTIA Network+ certification. His primary area of expertise prior to DakotaLink is in the fields of print services and IT support.

Page Hudson

Grant Program Manager

Page has been with DakotaLink since January 2001. He has a Psychology degree from South Dakota State University, 3/4 coursework complete for his Masters in business from the University of Sioux Falls and has been a technical manager for over 7 years prior to his employment with DakotaLink. His duties include coordinating the activities of the DakotaLink federal project with other agencies and programs in the State that provide services or advocate for individuals of all ages with disabilities or limitations who might benefit from an Assistive Technology device or service. He also provides information and training on Assistive Technology and DakotaLink services to individuals, groups, service providers, and public agencies.

Jared Brown

Assistive Technology Specialist

Jared has been with DakotaLink since July 2021. He is based out of the Rapid City office and is responsible for providing installation and training for assistive technology along with conducting client assessments in western South Dakota. He is working on his AAS Degree in Computer Science. Prior to coming to DakotaLink he worked in an Apple Store in Colorado for 5 years and he has spent 12 years in the Army Services. His last position there was a Platoon Sergeant.

Joshua Popeika

Assistive Technology Specialist

Joshua joined DakotaLink in February 2020. He is based out of the Sioux Falls office and is responsible for providing installation and training for assistive technology along with conducting client assessments in Southeastern South Dakota. He has an AAS degree in Computer Information Systems and holds various certifications in low vision applications. His primary area of expertise with DakotaLink is working with consumers who are blind or have low vision.

Andrea Steele

Office Manager

Andrea joined the DakotaLink team in 2013 and brings to the project a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. She is responsible for accounts receivable and accounts payable.

James Honomichl

Rehabilitation Technician

Based out of the Brookings office, James has been with DakotaLink since March 2005. He conducts client assessments and provides clients with installation and training for assistive technology. James has a Computer Science degree from South Dakota State University, and holds CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications. Prior to joining DakotaLink, his background included network and computer system administration and support.

Mark Cook

Rehabilitation Technician

Mark has been with DakotaLink since July 2008. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Math/Computer Science from the University of Washington and is a Comptia and Microsoft certified computer technician. His job consists of providing information about assistive technology devices, conducting assessments, along with installation and training for individuals and groups. His primary area of expertise is in the field of computer equipment, but has experience in construction and equipment repair as well.

Brett Crosby

Assistive Technology Specialist

Brett joined DakotaLink in October 2021 and is based out of the Sioux Falls office. He is responsible for providing information and referrals on assistive technology devices, conducting assessments and research into the procurement of devices, and providing installation and training for individuals, groups and agencies/organizations. Prior to joining DakotaLink, Brett worked at Verizon for 10 years and holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is certified in Project Management.

Andreia Mraz

Purchasing Agent/CCTV Program/Lending Lbrary

Andreia joined the DakotaLink project in January 2018. She attended SDSM&T for engineering for awhile. She has various job duties which include information/referral, managing the State CCTV lease program, and purchasing and receiving equipment.

Tim Goembel


Tim joined DakotaLink in April 2017. Tim works out of the Sioux Falls office as a personal driver.

Ron Lien

MERR Site Coordinator

Ron has been with DakotaLink since March of 2017. He is the Site Coordinator for the Medical Equipment Recycling Program in Sioux Falls. He has a Degree in Bio-Medical Equipment Technology and Laser-Electro Optics Technology. He is responsible for all medical equipment pick up, refurbishing and delivery for the MERR Program in southeastern South Dakota. Prior to working at DakotaLink, he worked as a Biomedical Equipment Technician for 7 years and served in the Navy as a Third Class Petty Officer.

Rapid City

Open M-F 7AM to 4PM MST

1161 Deadwood Ave Suite 5
Rapid City, Sd 57702

Sioux Falls

By Appointment Only

2900 West 11th Street Suite 21
Sioux Falls, SD 57104


By Appointment Only

1310 Main Ave South Suite 114
Brookings, SD 57706


By Appointment Only

2201 6th Ave South East Suite 21
Aberdeen, SD 57401